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Why Businesses Are Considering The Market in the Summer of 2022 

With the sunsetting of Google Analytics’ Universal Analytics, with just over a year to go, now is the time for all organisations using the UA code to assess their options. 

Google’s plan is to move customers to the new GA4 version by July 2023. By moving to an event-based methodology, this is clearly built for a holistic, multichannel world for the future. 

However, by rushing it out (normally, these types of crossovers would be given much more time both for Google to develop the tool, and for customers to prepare for the changes that come with them), Google hasn’t given itself enough time to build the features one would expect to see for such a major product launch. So, customers are effectively being asked to put up with an inferior tool, whilst Google catches up. 

There are, however, many more options in the digital and multichannel analytics space than even a couple of years ago, so before GA customers reimplement, they should consider the options in the wider market. These include product analytics tools like Amplitude, customer analytics solutions like Adobe Customer Journey Analytics (or CJA as the cool kids call it), home grown solutions across Azure or AWS solutions, independent options like AT Internet, digital data collection tools such as Snowplow and CDPs like Tealium and Adobe’s AEP.  

Now is a time to strategically assess what the business needs. What intelligence and analytics are needed to ensure the business has the data that paints the picture fully enough to ensure meaningful and informed decisions can be made. Supporting the strategic direction and drivers, right through to the granular data needed to inform and deliver activations and campaigns. We can deliver strategic assessments for your business.  

Alongside that, is there the knowledge and expertise in the business that can assess all the options in the marketplace and prepare recommendations for the most suitable tools to be shortlisted and considered? Our experts have a wealth of knowledge across the market and can supplement your team’s knowledge and understanding of the options available.  

If you are further along in the process of understanding the opportunities and developing your strategy and are ready to migrate but are unsure of how best to approach this, please do get in touch.  

Station10 are experts in digital insight and customer analytics and can help you make the most of your data and analytics, inform your strategic decision making and deal with the detail of implementations.  

Our team are available to: 

  • Give you the knowledge and detail surrounding the many tools available in the marketplace 
  • Guide you through strategic analyses to ensure the right tools are considered as part of a wider review into your business’ data and analytics 
  • Support with preparation for migrations and implementations 
  • Contact Russ, Nick or David today to discuss where your business may need support or guidance.  

Let us assess your current analytics set up, guide your strategic direction or bring knowledge and expertise to the team where it’s needed. Tell us more below.  

We just need to know a few things and we will be in touch:

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