What is the future of first-party data? And what should you be doing about it?

Why does First-Party Data matter right now?

There’s been a lot of talk over the summer of 2020 about the “Countdown to the Death of the Cookie” in 2022, which is when Google Chrome has announced it will no longer allow third-party cookies.

Why is this important? Lets first look at the definitions we’re working with here?

First-Party, Second-Party and Third-Party definitions.

In a post-GDPR and pre-third-party cookies removal world, first-party data has become one of the most powerful tools a company should utilise and invest in.

There are real advantages to investing in First-Party Data.

Download our full ‘The future of first-party data’ White Paper for a comprehensive guide to what you need to consider, why, how and what practical steps you can put in place in preparation for a cookie-less world.


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