Cookieless deadline extended by Google. Is there time to wait?

Preparation for First-Party data strategies is well underway and despite extremist headlines such as ‘The End of Marketing as we know it’ and ‘The Cookie Apocalypse’ whipping organisations into a frenzy of knee-jerk reactions, we’re working with clients on planned and strategic responses to get their businesses ready.

Googles recent announcement sees them pushing back their deadline by a year – providing further evidence on the depth and detail businesses are having to get into to prepare their people, technology and processes for the change in third-party cookie rules.

One of the first steps is ensuring you understand the exposure your data (and its collection) has to the forthcoming changes in third-party cookie rules. You will need to take a deep dive into all third-party tools and plugins, determining which are still needed and interrogating those remaining to verify that they are not collecting any data from your visitors.

We know what you’re thinking, this sounds complex and time consuming. You’re right, it is.  

Fortunately, we have a new and unique solution, the Station10 Cookie Audit tool.  

Become cookie compliant quicker with Station10.

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