Increasing Product Sales Through Data Analysis

Whether you sell a product or a service, data analytics can provide extremely valuable insights into your customers’ spending habits.

The power of data enables us to go well beyond the question of why a consumer prefers product A to product B, unlocking a deeper, more nuanced understanding of the connections between product purchases and customer motivations.

When a leading UK cinema operator wanted to find out more about sales trends at their in-cinema kiosks, they called on Station10. They were keen to use the latest technology to investigate the customer journey and specifically the relationship between ticket purchases and snack or drink purchases. For example, do action movie fans buy more popcorn? Is chocolate a bigger seller during the screening of romantic comedies? It was the first time the company had sought to join up their data at this level to provide insights that would inform sales campaigns across their network of cinemas in the UK and Ireland.

How We Helped: Informing Successful Sales Strategies

In just two months, Station10 designed and implemented an Adobe Analytics tracking system across six venues, built according to industry best practices to provide a robust and reliable foundation for detailed data collection to inform successful sales strategies. 

We also implemented Adobe Target to provide AB testing and personalisation capabilities. This enabled the testing of different user interface (UI) designs to determine which were most effective in attracting customer’s attention to the kiosks, increasing usage and conversion rate.

Finally, we trained our client’s internal teams so they could perform the reporting and analysis required to get the maximum return from their investment.

One of the key metrics we tracked was the time taken to purchase. The cinema group was then able to determine if it was faster for customers to use a kiosk that offered both tickets and snacks, or to complete the purchase journey through separate ticket booths and food stands.

Station10 also tracked data on what retail offerings were in customers’ line of sight while at the kiosk, and the distance of the kiosk from the cinema entrance. These elements could be used to determine how visual reminders impacted on sales – for example, if customers were more likely to buy an ice-cream if an ice-cream stand was placed next to the kiosk or just before they entered the screening room.

Through more intelligent, comprehensive analysis of their sales data, the cinema group now has a much better picture of their customers’ purchase behaviour and how to increase revenue generation during the movie-going experience.

If you would like to harness the power of data insights to better understand your customers and increase your sales, let’s have a chat.

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