How to Power up Tag Management to Grow Your Business

Tag management systems (TMS) have become an incredibly important business tool, enabling marketers to keep on top of data analytics without having to be on constant speed-dial to I Systems like Google Tag Manager and Adobe Launch help businesses work more efficiently, providing a better understanding of how their brands are performing across different markets, while also ensuring data compliance.

A division of a multi-billion-dollar global manufacturer recently asked Station10 to review their tag management system governance and advise on best practice. They wanted our experts to provide strategic guidance on how to set up and maintain a best-in-class configuration using Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager.

TMS Experts Required

It was a complicated task with plenty of moving parts. As a fast-growing global organisation operating in 55 countries, the company needs to ensure a set of implementation standards are maintained, whilst distributing the management of these to local markets and hubs. 

It is also essential that brand performance data can fulfil the requirements of a diverse range of stakeholders, from business leaders and marketing executives to managers in the new products division and external agencies. The project supported the client’s IT teams, business teams, marketing agencies, tagging and implementation agencies. 

The Station10 Solution

Station10 melded human and technological processes to produce the best possible outcome for the client. We conducted in-depth interviews with a diverse range of stakeholders to understand what their current processes were, and drill down into what they needed from the analytical data, as well as performing an extensive technical analysis. This enabled provisioning of a comprehensive strategy for best practice, guidelines and further documentation around TMS governance.

We also conducted customised training sessions with take-away materials to empower their teams and give them a further understanding of the work we carried out and how they can implement our strategic recommendations. 

TMS Future Proofing

Our client’s tag management systems are now primed to keep pace with their growing brand portfolio.

Management can be confident that their data analytics processes are fit for business, fit for growth and fit for the future. Their key stakeholders have the peace of mind of being data compliant in the many jurisdictions they operate across, thereby mitigating GDPR and related regulatory risks across 55 countries. 
At Station10, we optimise the power of data to help businesses grow and capitalise on new opportunities. If your organisation needs to improve its tag management, we can help.

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