Ensuring cookie use compliance across global markets

Increasing consumer awareness about data privacy highlights how important it is for organisations to be on top of data governance compliance.

While Europe has some of the strictest data privacy regulations, thanks to the GDPR and the EU ePrivacy Directive, or EU cookie law, countries around the world are cracking down on companies that fail to get consent before tracking people who visit their websites. The penalties vary depending on jurisdiction but can be eye-wateringly hefty – and tech titans are not immune. In January, France fined Google and Facebook an eye-watering £175 million for making it difficult for users to opt out of cookies, the data files that allow web browsers to store information about site visitors.

Station10 is best known for enabling our clients to use the power of data to drive business growth, but we also have multi-skilled project teams who are highly experienced in ensuring organisations are fully compliant with cookie laws, regardless of which jurisdictions they work within. We provide peace of mind in an increasingly complex and sophisticated digital world.

Cookie Consent Banners Made Easier

A UK-based international charity recently asked us to implement their cookie consent banners – the notices displayed on websites which give users the ability to opt out of trackers.

The key challenge was the geographical scope of the operation. The charity works across a number of countries, so it was crucial that the cookie banners were compliant with online privacy regulations across multiple international markets – a fairly difficult task. However, we were confident we could provide a high quality service that would ensure compliance, freeing them to focus on engaging with new supporters.

Station10 worked in collaboration with the charity’s in-house IT team and specialists CookieFirst, utilising Google Tag Manager and Google Consent Mode, to rise to the challenge – and it’s fair to say that we exceeded our client’s expectations. One of the cookie banners was completed in just six days, an extraordinarily fast turnaround.

If you need expert support to ensure data compliance or want to find out more about our Cookie Audit App, let’s have a chat.

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