Tom Pope

Senior Data Engineer

I help with technical aspects of analytics across a range of our clients and also oversee our applications development.

Before Station10, I worked across a range of industries starting as a web analyst at Disney. I later moved to marketing performance at Virgin Media and more recently data science and Liberty London. My experience is in the more development/engineering end of the data pipeline with professional experience using R, Python, JavaScript and a number of other languages.

I love the fast moving nature of our work and always being aware of the latest developments within the technology space. This is isn’t a company that knows just one way of doing things and “shoehorning” it into every project but rather we embrace the new ways of approaching our work. That’s great!

In my spare time, I enjoy all things digital art and have recently been developing my CG skills – looking to create short films in the future and maybe combine his digital art, coding and recent VR headset purchase to create VR experiences.

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