Nina Nduwayo

Senior Analyst

As a client lead, I oversee project delivery which ranges from data engineering, statistical analysis, application of machine learning solutions, visualisation and delivering training. I engage with clients throughout the project life cycle working together to ensure they get the most value from their data.

Other responsibilities include developing our Data Science offering, delivering our Data for Social Good efforts and organising our CSR activities.

Before Station10, I worked as a digital analyst where I was responsible for delivering business intelligence and analytic reporting for B2B, eCommerce and Consumer departments.

Hands down the best part of working at Station10 is the team. Everyone is incredibly supportive, driven and motivated. I love the little moments we share and look forward to the everyday chats.

I also love having ownership of my work and being able to contribute towards the growth of the company.

I am driven by a curiosity to understand how things work including human behaviour. I enjoy learning new things and I am currently completing a diploma in Arabic Studies and Islamic Sciences in my spare time.

I love a good adventure including running challenges, long-distance cycles and hiking up mountains. I also have a soft spot for seafood and cheesecake.

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