Ioana Vasicuta

Multichannel Analyst

My day-to-day tasks vary according to the client’s needs and projects allocated: from testing a new analytics feature on a mobile app to creating a presentation on user behaviour on a client’s website while managing the projects assigned in terms of resources and projected revenue. No day is the same!

After graduating with a BSc in Business Management, I have started my professional career as a Business Analyst, monitoring company performance according to established KPIs. Later I worked for 3 years in the Retention Team of a catering company, where I learnt about customer retention, communication and business psychology. My true journey into digital analytics started afterwards when I joined an international digital media agency that introduced me to the world of digital marketing. It provided me with an insightful understanding of the multiple paid marketing channels, MMM and online customer behaviour.

My favourite part of working at Station10 is that every project can be different and you have the opportunity to learn new techniques, methods and experiment with various software that allows you to gain practical experience. Station10 also has the feel of a small company, where it is easy to have your voice heard and if need be, to change any processes you are involved in.

I am an avid reader fan of fictional and fantasy books, just finished “Six of Crows” and looking forward to starting “The Midnight Library”. I am also excited about re-starting dance classes as during my childhood I have attended ballet lessons for 8 years. During my spare time, I also enjoy various computer games from “Stardew Valley” to “Tropico 6”.

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