Helena Jamieson

Senior Analyst

My role at Station10 varies a lot day to day (which I absolutely love). My tasks range from managing projects, building client relationships, implementation, reports & visualisations, insight sprints, providing training and optimisation. At Station10 I also work as part of the Ministry of Fun to help bring some joy to the office – this has included booking a goat with a note….

I have a degree in Economics and have worked in digital analytics for over 4years and have been lucky enough to work across multiple industries. I love combining analytics and implementation to ensure good quality data that answers the key business questions. 

I love the team at Station10, everyone is very smart and lovely. We have a great open network where I feel free to ask questions (even the silly ones) but also to go to the pub and have a chat and a laugh. I also love how diverse the work is, spanning different tasks and industries.

I love country music! I listen to it every day and can’t help but break out dancing to it (terribly). When the world allows, I hope to go to more country concerts and make my way back to Nashville & New Orleans.

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