A Day of Reflection in the UK

Welcome to Station10’s Day of Reflection:

It’s been exactly one year since lockdown began…here are some reflections on a year that was a little different to the norm! Here are some of our teams reflections on the happenings of their year!

“The enthusiasm of the first day of home schooling – resulting in 16/16! oh how I wish that enthusiasm had continued for the whole of the last year for both me and Evie. Through highs and lows family has got me through. COVID has touched all of our lives in the last year but we’re stronger for it.” – Belinda

“When the news of lockdown hit, it really didn’t sink in that this was going to be a year of dramatic change, loss, hope and frustration for me. This time last year I saw this beautiful blossom and was compelled to take a photo, looking back on it now it almost matches where I was personally a stage of my career where I needed to learn quickly and grow. Little did I know I’d be able to do this and more in such an unexpected environment. The tree still stands and is in bloom again this year – I plan to follow suite.” – Zoe

“We took this picture on the very last day in the office last year (Mar 12), because we had a new
starter, @Jimmy Felstead, joining on the following Monday. We wanted to show that he was being welcomed to the team in just the same way as everyone else. We then packed his desk up and sent it to his home. But it is important for us to show every new employee the same care and attention. Lockdown hasn’t stopped us, just changed how we do it.” – David

“When we first put our rainbow in the window, we thought the ‘new normal’ may last a few weeks, perhaps a month?!. We took it down at the end of summer, when it had faded so much the paper was white. We still enjoy spotting ‘rainbow’ windows on our walks these days.” Jimmy

“My reflection is an important issue that has been magnified over the lockdown period.  The biggest killer of young and middle aged men is suicide. My family and I have been affected and we should all be more socially aware. 
“Are you ok?” is the most important question you can ask a friend.” @romankemp
For those that haven’t watched the following, it is a must:
– Russ.

“23 rd  of March is my other halves birthday……… She can now forever answer the question ‘what’s the worst birthday present you’ve ever been given?’ with ‘Lockdown’!!” – Nick

“One of our first lockdown walks. How many miles have we walked since then? I certainly know my local area much better than I ever did before. It’s been interesting to really see the seasons changing up close, but I must say I do really prefer a walk in the sunshine to a walk in the rain/snow.” – Mikhaila.

“It can’t be that hard working from home surely?!… so I got Millie pick up some of my small tasks of my day to day. I think it took at least 6 months before Millie started ask for a salary. To this day no one at station10 knows!” – Jan

“Thinking of those who have suffered loss, struggled with financial difficulties, had difficult situations at home, or struggled to cope during the last year.” – Katie

“Over the last 12 months, how many of us have purchased random things that they never thought they would have this time last year? My favourite home additions being: a handheld hoover (game-changer!), dumbbells and kettlebells (my lounge now doubles up as a gym), and a food processor (hello yummy new recipes). I’d love to hear if anyone else has seemingly aged beyond their years like me!” – Rachel

“The start of lockdown meant many cancelled holidays, so we decided to start going on food holidays at home instead. Our first stop was Italy, but we also visited France, Greece, Japan and Mexico.” – Lizzie

“The loss of the sense of control has hit us all hard this last year. Having a great number of analytical minds at Station 10, “we don’t know” isn’t a position we like. What we do know is that we’ve seen a great number of people step up to look after each other in strange times. This is a picture of my local shop who went above and beyond to look out for the community.” – Steven B

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