Picking apart the complexity of retaining your customers

Plotting a course in uncharted times

Watch our latest webinar here – How to win and retain clients post lockdown – Now that lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease, and people are starting to pick up the pieces of their businesses, jobs and lives, what does the future hold for a post-lockdown world?

Will everything return to normal, or will the ‘new normal’ we hear so much about represent sudden, radical change or a gradual shift in our habits?

The way forward isn’t clear yet, but one thing we do know at Station 10 is that analytics will be your guide.

How and when businesses begin to recover once we leave lockdown is one of the first big questions. 

According Ipsos Mori’s recent survey, 62% of us would be comfortable meeting friends and family right now, but fewer than 1 in 3 people are ready to go to bars, restaurants, large events or use public transport. [1]

With most of us spending less, and around a third concentrating on saving more, what does that mean for the £15 billion of stock that is reportedly languishing in UK retail outlets? Several big High Street names have already announced they are closing their retail arms for good, and many more are indicating that some stores will have to go. Will we be looking at a rush of post-lockdown bargains as retailer attempt to make up some ground? [5]

As far as the population getting back to work is concerned, nearly half of us (45%) are expecting our employers to adopt a long-term change in their approach to flexible working. Good news to some, but how will that affect those in the property industry?

What is clear is that analytics holds the key to plotting the right strategy for winning and retaining customers, and steering your business out of lockdown.

Our latest infographic shows you more detail.

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