Adobe Chats: The Debunk – Myth: Data should inform every business decision…..discuss

This episode of Adobe Chats discusses ‘Should data inform every business decision?’

In this episode of ‘Adobe Chats’ Phil Waineright from Diginomica leads the discussion ‘should data inform every business decision?’ the session, with it’s expert panelists aims to explore ‘the role of data, if brands are too reliant on it, and whether common sense is sometimes a better marker of what to follow and what to leave alone. The myth they bust is that every decision needs to be fully, 100% backed up by data.


Hervé Schnegg, Principal Data Scientist at Station 10

Toni Sekinah, Data and Tech Journalist

Steve Allinson, Senior Manager – Strategic Marketing EMEA, Audience & Data Technologies at Adobe

Host: Phil Waineright, Diginomica

Click above to watch or click here.

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